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Engaged By Blog: Cool or Lame?

Engaged By Blog: Cool or Lame?

After several years of dating, Rebecca Daalmann and Christian Schulze of Germany, are engaged to be married after Rebecca asked for HIS hand in marriage on the popular FreelanceSwitch blog.

FreelanceSwitch, which has helped make life easier for hundreds of thousands of freelancers worldwide, now has a new claim to fame: marriage-enabler.

Since her now fiancé, a freelance Web designer and developer, checks FreelanceSwitch daily, she figured it was the perfect place to pop the question.

“I thought a lot about wedding proposal ideas and finally realized that this was the perfect match. Christian always talks about,” says Rebecca.

The message, originally posted in May, can be viewed here.

The couple plan on marrying next summer at a small ceremony in Dresden.

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We wish the happy couple lots of luck!

What do you think about the proposal?

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