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Eons: the MySpace for age 50 and up!

Eons: the MySpace for age 50 and up!

eons.gifFrom WNDU, a new website for baby boomers has recently been launched and aptly named EONS.

When the founder of decided to launch a brand new website for the 50 plus last summer, the idea was of challenging boomers to live the biggest life possible.

Some thought it wouldn’t sell.

EONS Founder and CEO, Jeff Taylor says, “I think the big surprise was that we actually have advertisers.”

Harrah’s Hyatt, Liberty Mutual, Verizon, and Fidelity, are just some of the advertisers banking on boomers online.

So it should come as no surprise that a brand new site is now taking on eons.

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‘€œOne of the things that’s really unique about our site is that we’re completely centered around our members in terms of promoting the volunteer aspects, members are contributors,” claims 55 Alive CEO, Jeff Lantz.

Always look at the other end of the spectrum/demographics. That means in the next 30 or 40 years from now, Eons will be hauling all that millions and millions of MySpace users. *heh*

At least, this crowd will have the purchasing power and a credit card to boot. An interesting space to venture and hopefully it won’t end up just like any other dating site for the aged.

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  • Might want to check out It looks better than any of the sites

  • I have mixed feelings about eons. I am also a baby boomer, but am in my 40’s. There is an entire decade of boomers that continue to be ignored.

    I can sort of see the idea behind eons, but I don’t get any “warm fuzzies” from a site who’s creator says, “boomers need help sorting throug searching engines because of aging eyes”.

    My mom is 66 and has no problem searching through Google, Yahoo or any other major search engine.

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