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Evan Williams on CNet

Evan Williams on CNet

Evan Williams, founder of Blogger (now with Google) has been interviewed in a fluff piece at CNet, remarkable only for the interviewer comparing Blogs to Geocities sites, which we’ve reprinted below: is your blog the Geocities site of 2003?
Blog On | CNet News (via Bloggerjack Reporter)
“Q: Isn’t blogging just creating Yahoo’s GeoCities all over again, for which people have their own home page and post whatever they like, including links and their personal thoughts? If someone had a GeoCities home page now, they’d likely be looked at as silly.
A: It’s a lot like those home pages. While GeoCities isn’t cool, it isn’t a bad thing. It did a great thing–enabled great people to instantly publish to the Web. This is the next evolution of that. Publishing was harder with some of the earlier tools, but it fits with personal expression.”

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  • The difference between geocities and blogging is that geocities was a tabula rasa which demanded you knew about web page creation–and not just HTML, but IA, writing for the web, designing information systems for the web.

    Blogging has taken much of that requriement away. It offers a narrative form, standardised IA and a clean information system design (with different pros and cons). Some blogs will be bad but they won’t be as bad as the archytepal Java-laden dancing Jesus home page.

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