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Even the gun bloggers have meet-ups…

Even the gun bloggers have meet-ups…

Every year brings a variety of conferences, from BloggerCon to GnomeDex and others sprinkled in between.

Apparently, even the Gun Bloggers have conferences….

The 2006 Gun Bloggers Rendevous will be held at Circus Circus in Las Vegas on October 6th – 8th. If you’re interested, you can signup here.

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  • Personally, I’m not a gun blogger, but I do like my guns. Much happier living in Minnesota as opposed to Massachusetts as well ;)

  • Can you shoot on your property? I’m out of luck on that score (live in the city limits).

    Portlanders in general don’t look kindly on the guns… they don’t see the austere beauty in a 12 gauge for some reason. Heading out next month to the Eastern Oregon desert though, whiskey, trucks and guns for three days. Oh yeah, and poetry…

    Thanks for the tip on the blog, they got another subscriber.

  • I live in a large suburb here, so no, I can’t. But when I was growing up in Indiana, we had plenty of space, and could (and did) do so.


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