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Everybody Does It: Kevin Rose’s Cold Twitters

Everybody Does It: Kevin Rose’s Cold Twitters

So Kevin Rose has a cold, and his cold has a Twitter account. With 811 followers. Brilliant PR stunt or just plain silly, what do you guys think? Personally this is one thing I’m staying out of. I don’t like colds.

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  • Trouble is, it’s hard to say whether Kevin ‘scolds’ or has a cold but the visual imagery of a twitter sneeze and viral infectiousness the almost poetic twitters of Kevin Roses Nose has obviously captured 817 people’s imaginations so good on Kevin for tapping in it

  • I wouldn’t want to be caught catching that cold! This move is like a big joke to me. So, lets all be reminded that if it was anyone else’s cold, no one would follow but since its Kevin Rose… well.

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