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Facebook Acquisition Pushes Instagram To No. 1 In App Store Downloads

Facebook Acquisition Pushes Instagram To No. 1 In App Store Downloads

Instagram Number One In App StoreInstagram this week was purchased by Facebook for an astounding $1 billion and following the announcement of the buyout the Instagram App has become the number one downloaded mobile application inside the iOS App Store, marking the first time that that 30 million strong platform has risen to the top of Apple’s free-app catalog.

Instagram announced the milestone in a tweet. The downloads are well deserved as the program currently has a solid five-star rating that has been achieved with the help of 74,833 individual reviews which makes the program one of the most liked among users.

When the acquisition of Instagram was announced on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerbergs personal Facebook page there was skepticism from many people who thought Facebook who destroy the platform, yet the social networks reach to nearly 1 billion users seems to have had the opposite effect as millions of more people flock to the photo sharing service.

In response to the download new users appear to love Instagram, tweeting “too good” and “I use it every day!”

In the meantime some users are worried about Facebook’s privacy policies which they believe may open up their Instagram accounts to prying eyes when they want to keep their accounts private. As Watergirl123 writes, “Mark better not screw up Instagram like he did to Facebook with the timeline.”

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In the meantime Instagram launched just last week for Google Android devices and the app receives one million downloads in the first day of release. Google Play now reports that more than 5 million users have downloaded Instagram for Android.


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