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Facebook Ads To Begin Showing Up On Mobile Apps In Next Few Months

Facebook Ads To Begin Showing Up On Mobile Apps In Next Few Months

Facebook Mobile Ads

Facebook Mobile AdsWith hundreds of millions of Facebook users now engaging on the social network through the use of Android, iPhone and iPad apps it was only a matter of time before the company began serving ads to those platforms and that time now appears to be as early as March.

Sources close to the world’s largest social network say executives at Facebook have already discussed proposed advertising plans with advertising agencies and plan to offer paid “Featured stories” in mobile news feeds as a way to supplement ad space on smaller mobile device displays.

By mixing in sponsored ads with friends feeds users don’t lose screen space and only receive ads that match their interests and the interests of their friends.

Facebook has estimated that almost half of its 845 million users access the network via mobile devices, even one ad served per user per day would mean billions of new ad impressions for the network. 

A source at the Financial Times says Facebook will incentivize advertisers who link their ads back to Facebook pages rather then to off-site locations.

An official announcement is expected at the Facebook event being held in New York on Feb. 29.

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