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Facebook App Gogobot Attracts 1 Million Users

Facebook App Gogobot Attracts 1 Million Users

GoGoBotGogobot, a Facebook travel app that just launched in January 2012 announced on Wednesday that it has passed the 1 million registered users mark.

Gogobot officially launched in private beta 18 months ago but came out of beta in January. The company now claims that a new users signs up for the program every 15 seconds and that more than 5 million locations have already been shared on Gogobot.

The travel app allows Facebook users to share vacation photos with friends and strangers while giving recommendations to people who post questions about general travel and specific destinations.

Users of Gogobot can also create a “passport” that lists the places they have been alongside reviews and recommendations for those locations.

If that isn’t enough information for your trip you can make it even more social with trip itinerary tools and the ability to search trips other users have taken to help in the creation of your vacation schedule.

Gogobot recently released new versions of its free iPhone and iPod Touch apps which allow users to comment on postcards, search the platform more easily and even look for restaurants and attractions based on their current location.

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Do you think Gogobot will continue to grow as Facebook users take to “social travel” on a larger scale?


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