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Facebook Can Be A Powerful Tool For Selling Homes

Facebook Can Be A Powerful Tool For Selling Homes

Facebook RealtyFacebook isn’t just a website where users go to complain about their boss and a bad day. The social network, when utilized properly can be a stepping stone towards real estate sales success. Thanks to its open level of communication, robust user base and ability to target users, Facebook should be one of the first stops for real estate professionals looking to extend and maintain their brands.

But exactly how do you maintain and build a real estate brand on Facebook?


The first step should be the creation of a Facebook Fan Page. This page should offer a mix of insightful home buying tips, interaction with followers and of course, beautiful photos of your listings. If you use your real estate page to educate your fans and then you show them homes that match that education, they are likely to visit your next open house or hire you to setup a similar sales pitch for their own home. Engagement is important because it shows that you offer open communication through the sales process and that you understand the needs of various customer types.


A second practice involves friending potential clients. If you search through the Open Graph protocol, you can find people posting about homes and you can do the same in local real estate based groups. It is recommended that you create a personal fan page so you can friend people you don’t know without anyone prying into your personal life. While you don’t want to be overbearing in approaching potential customers, this could be a more personalized approach. Plus, if that person likes your personal page just to check you out your home listings could end up in their daily news feeds.


Facebook Ads can be daunting because they offer such highly targeted capabilities. However, it is those highly targeted capabilities that make it worth the while. For example, you can literally find 25-50 years olds in the San Francisco Bay Area looking to buy a home or a 35 year old single mom looking to sell her home quickly.

The trick with Facebook Ads is to pinpoint your demographic and then target them in the area of interest. The nice part about Facebook ads is that you can choose to gain exposure with a simple CPM (cost per thousand pageviews) ad or with a CPC (cost per click setup). If you are simply trying to brand, you pay less to get your company name in front of people’s eyes in your area. If you want engagement, you pay when they click through to the page of your choice.


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Remember when we talked about creating a personal fan page? That is where you post about your home sales, tips for customers, and connect with people. Remember that this page is a business page, it is not a page about your left or right leaning political beliefs or a place to post about the drunken weekend you had with old college friends.

In fact, if you can use the page to connect with other real estate agents it will showcase your ability to network and make you appear on the surface to have better and more trusted connects.


Are you involved in a “For Sale By Owner” type of transaction? You can take the tips above and apply them to your own situation. Build a page for your home, invite people to check it out and if you feel comfortable even try some Facebook Ads, even $100 worth of highly targeted Facebook ads can go a long way in finding the perfect buyer.

This article was written by Mark who is a consultant for a sell house fast company that aims to provide help and advice for those who are struggling to sell their home.

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