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Facebook Challenges Disqus, Releases Free Social Stats

Facebook Challenges Disqus, Releases Free Social Stats

It looks like Facebook just gave bloggers one great reason to have their comment section assimilated as the social giant has released social analytics for the masses (which also includes stats for the like button).

For the first time, you can now access real-time analytics to optimize Like buttons across both your site and on Facebook. We use anonymized data to show you the number of times people saw Like buttons, clicked Like buttons, saw Like stories on Facebook, and clicked Like stories to visit your website. […]

To help you tailor your content and products to your users, we now provide demographic information for the interactions that occur on your site and on Facebook. We display demographics for gender, age range, country, and language, and we count data on a per-interaction (not per-user) basis. This data is aggregated so no personally identifiable information can be accessed. (Facebook Developer Blog)

The social giant provides similar analytics for bloggers powering their comment section with Facebook, although the ability for publishers to see the demographics of their users by age, gender, etc., puts Facebook well ahead of rivals like Disqus (who has a similar feature for premium users).

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WordPress lovers (self hosting only) can implement Facebook comments via a plugin, while Blogger fans will have to dive into the code in order to activate this upon your blog.

Note: Unfortunately the only draw back about using Facebook comments is that there is still no easy way to import (or better yet sync) comments to ones blog, although hopefully Facebook will provide that functionality in the future.

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