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Facebook: Convert Your Profile Into A Page

Facebook: Convert Your Profile Into A Page



Facebook on Thursday announced their “Profile to Business Page Migration” tool, an option that allows users to turn their personal profiles and business profiles into a Facebook page.

The option will mean businesses can now allow “Likes” for their company’s rather than requiring people to “friend” them, which is considered a much more “intimate” experience by many Facebook users.

According to Facebook:

“Be aware that when you convert your profile to a Page, your profile pictures will be transferred, and all of your friends will be automatically added as people who like your Page. No other content will be carried over to your new Page, so be sure to save any important content before beginning your migration.”

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The switch can not be undone, which means it should be approached carefully and users are urged to download all of the multimedia from their account.

The move will also help larger and growing businesses since profile pages have a 5,000 friend limit.

Do you plan on converting your business profile into a business page? Let us know how the experience went for you if you already have converted those pages.

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