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Buy Online While Earning Facebook Credits, The Newest E-Tailer Incentive

Buy Online While Earning Facebook Credits, The Newest E-Tailer Incentive

Facebook Credits

Online retailers looking to grab more customers as the holiday shopping season arrives have chosen a new type of incentive, Facebook Credits.

According to Mashable, the program has begun with Ifeelgoods an e-commerce promotions firm that allows their current and new clients to integrate the program as an incentive for customers to buy products from their site or perform other actions that can help attract and retain customers.

The program offers a great way for e-tailers to turn potential customers into paying customers. For example, a customer saves an item in the sites online shopping cart, after doing so a message pops up stating “Receive 25 Facebook credits with your purchase.” A site may even choose to up the number of credits for each item added to a cart or based on the overall purchase price.

E-Commerce company’s may also offer incentives for signing up to their e-mail newsletter, for voting with Facebook on products found on their site and for performing other actions that help sell products and get the site noticed.

With brick-and-mortar stores already offering Facebook Credits for sale and Facebook integrating with e-commerce sites, it looks like Facebook has done a great job of getting their name out into the real world and not only are they not spending advertising dollars to do it, they’re actually making money off their exposure.

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