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Facebook Cuts Off API Support For Vine App

Facebook Cuts Off API Support For Vine App

Twitter Vine AppFacebook has reportedly cut off API use for Twitter’s newest social app Vine. The move comes less than 24 hours after Vine was released for wide scale use.

Twitter acquired Vine in October and launched the video-sharing service on its platform as a way to expand its multimedia offerings.

As part of the Vine application users are prompted to find their Facebook Friends, an option that now reveals a Facebook error.

While many networks including Foursquare rely on Facebook’s API for data collection, the Facebook API terms of services states that developers “may not use Facebook Platform to export user data into a competing social network without our permission.”

The wording of the social networks API allows Facebook to cut off any company it believes to be a direct competitor.

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Also blocked on Thursday was Yandex, a popular Russian search engine that launched its newest search on Thursday via use of Facebook’s API. The Yandex Wonder app was shut down just hours after launching for iOS.


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