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Facebook Deals: The EU Invasion Has Begun

Facebook Deals: The EU Invasion Has Begun

Facebook LogoAfter first making a debut in America, the social networking king has begun rolling out the long awaited Facebook Deals to Europe (starting with the United Kingdom).

Facebook has announced the arrival of Facebook Deals in the UK, a new mobile phone discounting system that rewards those who regularly check-in to shops and restaurants, through Facebook Places, in the UK. […]

The launch is across Europe, with the UK being the first to launch.

Joanna Shields from Facebook said: “Facebook Deals represents the power of word of mouth marketing and personal recommendation.

“By checking in and taking the deal, this is shown on your news feed so your friends can also see what deals are taking place. (TechRadar UK)

Thus far only iOS and Android users will be able to partake of Facebook deals (at least on mobile phones), although Facebook will probably expand Facebook Deals third party “official” apps for Blackberry and Windows Phone 7 fans.

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Through Facebook deals companies are already offering British residents some impressive deals, ranging from free xBox 360’x (as well as Play Stations), discount on concert tickets and even a free makeover for the ladies.

While it’s unclear how much (if any) revenue Facebook generates from Deals, Facebook’s European launch will probably threaten Google as well as Groupon, as Facebook can easily use their social graph in order to dominate the local coupon market.

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