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Facebook Earned Enough In 2012 To Pay Each Employee $1.1 Million

Facebook Earned Enough In 2012 To Pay Each Employee $1.1 Million

Facebook RevenueIf Facebook evenly distributed its earnings in 2012 the social network could have paid every single employee $1,101,753.

Facebook reported a 2012 revenue of $5,089,000,000. According to SocialNewsDaily Facebook employees $4,619 workers. In comparison Google employees 53,000 employees but earned $50 billion in 2012. That means Google actually earned less money per employee with a take of $946,000.

Based on Facebook’s earnings the company is currently making $5 in revenue per user (just over 1 billion users now registered). However despite Facebook’s higher per employee earnings structure the company is still under heavy pressure from Wall Street investors.

While Google falls short of Facebook’s per employee earnings, Apple is the clear winner with an average earnings per employee of $2.3 million. Apple was helped along in 2012 by 400 million active credit card accounts connected to iTunes. The company took in $156.5 billion with an average iTunes account spent of $391. 

Some traditional media companies fared worst, for example Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. took in $34 billion in revenue but with its massive employee list the company earned just $396,400 per worker.

Facebook is continuing to grow and its revenue will likely increase well into the future, the question now is whether Facebook can increase its earnings per employee even hire while maintaining future growth.

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