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Facebook hits 200 million users

Facebook hits 200 million users

Mark Zuckerberg announced today that Facebook hit the 200 million user base.

Growing rapidly to 200 million users is a really good start, but we’ve always known that in order for Facebook to help people represent everything that is happening in their world, everyone needs to have a voice. This is why we are working hard to build a service that everyone, everywhere can use, whether they are a person, a company, a president or an organization working for change.

If you sit back and try to suck it in, 200 million is surely a big number. In fact, the number may be too big to be appreciated. It seems that the recent complaints of Facebook’s new layout is really just a means to aggregate and appreciate the many voices that have a need to be heard. Mind you, I do not write this post with a tone of sarcasm, but it really is a daunting task to filter relevance over a social network. 200 million conversations, all of which have its relative amount of relevance to a closely knit group — how do you lay that out on a page?

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To celebrate its 200 million user base, Facebook opens the gift shop with new items with opportunities for us to donate a portion to charities around the world.

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