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Facebook Integration Added To Mac OS X Mountain Lion Update

Facebook Integration Added To Mac OS X Mountain Lion Update

OS X Lion Facebook IntegrationFacebook and Apple have teamed up to further integrate the world’s largest social network with the recent Mac OS X Mountain Lion update.

Mountain Lion?Version 10.8.2 incorporates Facebook sharing with various system components and Apple created apps.

OS X users simply sign into their Facebook accounts through System Preferences at which time they gain access to new abilities. The integration closely mirrors the setup already offered by Twitter integration.

Some of the apps that now include integrated Facebook sharing include??Safari, Preview and Contacts.

Apple has also integrated sharing capabilities with the Notification Center so apps do not need to be directly accessed to offer sharing capabilities.?

Social gaming enthusiasts can access the OS X Game Center to play games against Facebook friends and games can be “Liked” right from the Game Center.

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One of the biggest updates may be the use of iMessage delivery. Users can now see their phones text messages on their Mac when sent through iMessage to their iPhone devices. Users can also take FaceTime calls on their Mac even if the request was sent to their mobile phone. Users who want to direct FaceTime messages must have iOS 6 installed on their smartphones.

With further integration the Mac OS X Mountain Lion update once again proves the social pull Facebook has over businesses, even as the company’s stock continues to tank.


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