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Facebook Invades Xbox 360 and Nintendo DSi

Facebook Invades Xbox 360 and Nintendo DSi

It is Electronic Entertainment Expo, more commonly known as E3, right now, and that means a ton of games news. That is not normally something we cover here at the Blog Herald, but this time there’s some sort of connection at the very least.

Microsoft announced both Facebook and Twitter apps coming to the Xbox 360, along with a great number of other things. These apps can be seen in action over at Gizmodo, with photos from their conference.

Also, Nintendo is going to tie the Nintendo DS follow-up, the DSi, closer to Facebook. Photos taken with the DSi’s crappy cameras will sync automatically and there’s an app for status updates and whatnot as well. Naturally, the DSi’s built-in Opera browser makes Facebook a reality there already should you want to use it from your handheld gaming machine. No word on Twitter for DSi though, and so far not much about these things from Sony. Then again, maybe they think that the web browsers do the job well enough?

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