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Facebook Launches “Explore London 2012” Platform Just In Time For Summer Olympics

Facebook Launches “Explore London 2012” Platform Just In Time For Summer Olympics

Explore London 2012

Media outlets around the world have taken to Twitter, Facebook and other social networks to promote their coverage and sponsorship of the 2012 London Summer Olympics. Getting in directly on the action is Facebook which has just announced the launch of its “Explore London 2012” hub, a spot where users can find everything London and 2012 Olympics releated.

Unveiled during an event in London the hub took over one year to create. According to Facebook’s Joanna Shields:

“We will follow the athletes’ stories for the next 17 days. It’s that discovery through friends that makes things interesting and makes you want to click on media. We want to bring discovery to the Olympics.”

Facebook users investigating the hub will find information about athletes, teams and even individual sports they can choose to follow. Users can also “like” the two official pages of the games The Olympic Games and London 2012

The Explore London 2012 hub currently offers information on more than 200 individual athletes from 60 teams and 25 sports.

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By “Liking” a page users will receive updates from athletes and for the sports they are following.

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By creating the Explore London 2012 hub Facebook hopes that athletes from around the world will engage with the platform on a regular basis, adding status updates, uploading photos and more.

Facebook will not serve ads on the Explore London 2012 platform, much like how Olympic stadium will be an ad-free “clean venue.”


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