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Facebook Launching Commenting Service For Bloggers?

Facebook Launching Commenting Service For Bloggers?

Facebook LogoNot content with becoming the de facto sharing service for the digital world (not to mention the default like button online), it looks like Facebook is now attempting to also become the primary way readers voice their opinion upon websites, including blogs.

Facebook is planning to launch a third-party commenting system in a matter of weeks, according to multiple sources familiar with the new product. This new technology could see Facebook as the engine behind the comments system on many high-profile blogs and other digital publications very soon. […]

Facebook will be able to power the entire commenting system–handling the log-in and publishing, cross-promoting comments on individuals’ Facebook walls, and possibly even promoting them as well on media outlets’ own “fan” pages. Undoubtedly, the Facebook “like” button will be deeply integrated as well. (CNET)

Other bloggers have been able to confirm this surprising revelation which means commenting systems like Disqus as well as IntenseDebate (a service by Automattic who runs may face some fierce competition in the near future.

While using Facebook as one’s default commenting system does have its advantages, unless the social networking giant has a way of tackling the massive amount of spam attacking the comment section, they may not gain that much traction among the blogosphere.

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Although the new commenting system will reportedly allow users to login via Twitter, there currently is no word on whether they will allow users to login via other services like OpenID or even Google Connect.

For those of you intrigued by Facebook’s commenting system, would you be willing to utilize the social network as your default commenting system? If so, why?

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