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Facebook Making Itself Hacker, Bully Unfriendly

Facebook Making Itself Hacker, Bully Unfriendly

Facebook is once again making it harder for hackers to steal users passwords as the social giant is in the process of rolling out a second way for users to keep their accounts secure.

We’re also starting to introduce Two Factor Authentication, a new feature to help prevent unauthorized access to your account. If you turn this new feature on, we’ll ask you to enter a code anytime you try to log into Facebook from a new device. This additional security helps confirm that it’s really you trying to log in. (Official Facebook Blog)

This feature is similar to what Google launched previously, with the main difference being that Facebook apparently does not text you a random code.

The feature is slowly being rolled out to all 600 million users so you may not see it live upon your account immediately underneath your security settings.

In a different (but equally important) move, Facebook has also unveiled another feature dubbed which empowers users to clamp down on harassment not only upon Facebook, but offline as well.

Today, we’re announcing one such feature—a new way of reporting content on Facebook that allows people to notify a member of their community, in addition to Facebook, when they see something they don’t like. […]

But taking down harassing online comments won’t necessarily help people solve the underlying problem in the offline world. Social reporting is a way for people to quickly and easily ask for help from someone they trust. (Facebook Safety)

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Users can also report bullies harassing them via photos, videos or messages, and have the option of de-friending as well as blocking the offender.

By encouraging users to seek help from friends offline, Facebook is hoping to eliminate harassment from bullies, as well as make the social giant a safer place for users to roam upon.

Image Credit: Life Hacker

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