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Want More Followers? Try Facebook Notes

Want More Followers? Try Facebook Notes

Facebook Notes

Are you having trouble attracting followers to your blog? Do you wish that you have a ready-made group of followers who already have some vested interest in what you have to say? If so, you should consider using Facebook Notes!

Do you remember Facebook Notes? The tool has been around for a long time, almost since Facebook was initially launched. It used to be a way for you to write more lengthy posts that wouldn’t fit in a restricted status update. (Remember those days? Those were days when people couldn’t just fill your timeline with long status updates that put forward crazy conspiracy theories. I, personally, miss those days.)

Okay, back to the point: Facebook Notes was the place where you would copy and paste quizzes and surveys and answer burning questions about yourself or your friends. (If you’re feeling nostalgic, try this Notes survey on for size.)

Facebook Notes was always kind of a weird thing for the social network, but it looks like they’ve actually made it something interesting, especially for casual bloggers. Now, Facebook Notes looks like a stripped down version of your favorite blogging platform. Your featured photo stretches from one side of the screen to the other, and you have different styles to help differentiate individual sections of your Note. (So far, it’s just H1, H2 and paragraph, but for most bloggers, that’s more than enough.)

Facebook Notes

While advanced bloggers will undoubtedly find Facebook Notes limited, it can be a great starting place for a new blogger, or it can be a great place for a casual blogger.

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Like my title suggests, one of the most alluring things about using Facebook Notes as a proper blogging platform is that you already have your following — your friends. Building a following is one of the most frustrating things for bloggers when they’re just starting out, and it makes a lot of people want to throw in the towel, but Facebook Notes fixes that problem (more or less). Even if all your friends don’t read your note, it’s still being broadcast to a lot of newsfeeds.

Even if you’re not a new blogger, Facebook Notes is a great place for personal blogs, things that you may not want to broadcast to the entire world.

There are a lot of possibilities for Facebook Notes, and I’m curious to see what bloggers do with it. Have you posted a Note yet? Let us know what you wrote about in the comments below.

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