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Facebook Now Paying Users To Watch Video Advertisements

Facebook Now Paying Users To Watch Video Advertisements

Facebook CreditsFacebook wants users to watch entire ads from their advertisers and to accomplish that goal they are now paying site visitors to view adverts. Launched on Thursday the company is now offering Facebook Credits to watch certain video based ads.

Facebook Credits can be used to purchase in-app products, such as products found in Farmville and they can be used on Facebook’s new Facebook Deals platform, a competitor to Groupon that offers daily deals with offers often discounted 50% or more on retail goods and services.

The price for watching an ad isn’t huge, right now just one Facebook credit ($.10), but it does signal a new way to engage users who might typically exit video ads as they appear. 

According to Mashable:

The ads will mostly be in games. CrowdStar, Digital Chocolate and Zynga are among the participating game publishers. Facebook is working with Sharethrough, SocialVibe, Epic Media and SupersonicAds to serve ads on the program as well as TrialPay, which will provide analytics.

The idea behind the program is simple, extend clickthrough rates on low performing ad spots, such as video ads which Facebook users rarely watch to their entirety.

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Are you willing to watch a 30 second ad spot in order to save $.10 on your purchase? That’s the question Facebook will have to wait to be answered.


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