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Facebook Places Debuts Upon Windows Phone 7

Facebook Places Debuts Upon Windows Phone 7

For those of you who received a shiny new Windows Phone 7 this Christmas, you’ll be excited to know that an update has been rolled out for the Facebook app which should help bring it one step closer to it’s Blackberry sibling.

For everyone that got a shiny new Windows Phone for the holidays or for those with phones already that were too busy shopping and eating to pop into the Marketplace for some app updates, a couple cool features were added to the Facebook app you should go grab now. The Facebook app for Windows Phone now supports their location based service called Places, and also the ability to tag your friends in photos all from your phone. (Windows Phone Blog)

Currently the app does not support video uploading, although that has more to do with the mobile OS itself and not the lack of foresight from the developers (which is why other apps like WordPress also lack this feature).

Although this is the official Facebook app for Windows Phone 7, it is not supported by the Facebook team (at least not internally), as the social network only supports  iPhone, Android and Ovi (for Nokia).

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While the app still has a long ways to go before catching up to its iPhone and Android cousins, the latest update should help strengthen the social king’s hold upon the mobile verse, as well as help Facebook compete against Foursquare (who already has an app upon the device).

Image Credit: Microsoft

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