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Facebook Poke and Snapchat Videos Are Actually Easy To Save

Facebook Poke and Snapchat Videos Are Actually Easy To Save

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Despite the popularity of video, photo and text destruction apps such as Facebook Poke and Snapchat, it actually turns out that recapturing those messages is a very simple process, even after those apps delete a users messages.

While both of the apps alert a user when screengrabs are taken, it turns out that simply connecting a smartphone to a PC or Mac can offload those messages without alerting the sender. In the case of iPhone users a third-party file manager such as iExplorer is required.

Here’s how the process works according to Mashable:

“For Poke, only videos can be permanently stored in this manner, and only videos that you haven’t already viewed. But it’s very easy. Once you’ve installed your file manager, connect your iPhone and you should see a list of your apps. Select the Poke folder, then navigate to Library>Caches>FBStore>315_14_>MediaCache. There you should see every Poke video that you haven’t yet watched.

From there, all you need to do is drag and drop the files to any other folder on your computer to copy and store them. After that, you can open the file in Poke, let it self-destruct, and the sender will be none the wiser.

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Although permanent storage only works for videos in Poke, performing similar steps for Snapchat will let you save both videos and photos.”

Facebook admits that the program is not fool proof and for that reason the company has never claimed 100% privacy.


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