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Facebook Preparing Music Service With Spotify, MOG and Rdio

Facebook Preparing Music Service With Spotify, MOG and Rdio

Facebook MusicFacebook is getting ready to leap into the online music streaming business with partnerships that include Spotify, MOG and Rdio.

According to rumors the new partnerships will be announced at the f8 developer conference on September 22. The new program will allow users to listen to music directly from

Two sources close to the partnerships told Mashable on Wednesday that Facebook will not be responsible for actually streaming any music or media but will instead rely on partners to provide content to site users. If the rumor is correct Facebook will be treating music streaming more like a platform as they already do for apps and games.

There’s also the chance that Facebook could open up the music platform to other providers outside of the three mentioned above, allowing users to choose how they receive music on the service and perhaps even combining services to create a more full experience.

I mentioned video streaming above because Facebook is also rumored to be eyeing the streaming movies market, possibly with a Netflix deal in mind that would allow Facebook users to stream TV shows and movies directly from their Facebook accounts.

Now we must sit by idly and wait for the f8 developer conference to arrive. In the meantime, let us know what type of features you would like to see from Facebook music streaming and movie streaming applications.

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