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Facebook Promises Much Faster iOS Speeds, Upgrade Likely For Late Summer

Facebook Promises Much Faster iOS Speeds, Upgrade Likely For Late Summer

If you access Facebook from an Apple iOS based device you are likely well aware of the horrendous speed at which the app operates. Now following thousands of user complaints the worlds largest social network has promised to speed up the platform.

Several anonymous Facebook engineers came forward on Wednesday to reveal that Facebook is completely overhauling the mobile app to be optimized for speed, noting that the mobile version which earns 2.5 times as much as the web platform will be ready by this summer.

The new platform for iOS based devices is being built using the Objective-C coding language instead of HTML5 for which the current application is built. Essentially the new version will take advantage of the iPhone’s hardware instead of rending most parts of the app as a webpage as it currently does. 

Facebook’s original strategy was to use HTML5 so it could “recycle” parts of its coding across various mobile platforms, however that strategy has pissed off users who find the slowness of the program to be unbearable, thus leading to various negative reviews via the App Store.

The move to place more attention on the Facebook mobile platform shouldn’t come as a surprise, during the company’s IPO roadshow Mark Zuckerberg told investors that the world’s largest social network would focus its main efforts on mobility.

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For Facebook mobile users who don’t like how the company outputs information you are out of luck, the new update is focused on speed, not reinventing the Facebook Mobile app.


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