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Man Arrested After Changing Facebook Relationship Status Message

Man Arrested After Changing Facebook Relationship Status Message

Robert NicksonYesterday we reported how Facebook helped nab a criminal ring who used Facebook to find users status’ to determine when they wouldn’t be home, today we have another report of a Facebook based arrest, this time involving a 27-year-old man in Pennsylvania and his 14-year-old girlfriend.

According to ABCNews, the man, Robert Nickson Jr. (pictured) and his underage girlfriend changed their relationship status messages to “engaged” which tipped off police to their unlawful relationship.

Nickson told police in Delaware County, Pa. that he and the unnamed girl started dating in July after having met through a mutual friend, he said he bought her an engagement ring just one month later.

Police are also reporting that Nickson has admitted he knew she was underage and that he had sex with her on at least 4 occasions at his fathers home.

According to the police report:

“[The girl] stated that her [sic] and Nickson have had various conversations about how it was against the law, but ‘didn’t think they would get caught.”

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Nickson’s profile has since been deleted, as has his girlfriends. Prosecutors have also collected text messages sent from Nickson to his underage fiance. One message read:

“I wish I had my own place and you lived with me that I would get to see you everyday no matter what time I get done and no one would know where it is.”

Nickson faces four counts of statutory sexual assault (for each time they allegedly had sex), a case of aggravated assault and corruption of a minor.

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