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Facebook Rolls Out Event Check-In Capabilities, Other Features For iPhone

Facebook Rolls Out Event Check-In Capabilities, Other Features For iPhone

Facebook Places Map added for iPhone usersiPhone users using the official Facebook app now have the option to check in at events around the United States. The upgrade, available on Facebook Version 3.4 was released on Monday morning and also includes a map view for Places option and the ability to unfriend Facebook friends directly from your Apple device.

The event check in function can be found in the “events” section of the application and allows users to check-in at events they are currently attending, plan to attend in the future and those events that are close to the user in terms of proximity. Users can also choose to tag their friends with the check-in should they have Facebook friends at the event with them.

If you’re a fan of Facebook Places you’ll also find the new map view option housed in the “Places Section.” Using the maps users can view check-ins using a standard list view or toggle over to a map view.

Finally, Facebook’s “Unfriend” option can be clearly seen with a large red button (pictured below) that makes it easy to control your user list directly from your phone, giving users more control over who and who can not see their posts and other information.

With 250 million Facebook users currently using mobile applications, many of whom (myself included) use iPhones, the new features are part of an important strategy for Facebook as they continue to push the social networking envelope within the mobile sector.

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Are you excited to use this new feature? With my friends sure to use the program and more interaction than that offered by Foursquare, Gowalla and other location based services, I have to admit I’m excited to finally have an LBS that I actually want to use.

Facebook Unfriend Option

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