Facebook Scam of the Week: Ryan Dunn Clickjacking

Ryan Dunn MTV

Clickjackers tend to find the easiest target and expose it in the name of pageviews and clicks for their scams and this week they have taken to Facebook using Ryan Dunn as their motive. Dunn died this week when he sped off the road in his Porsche at 140MPH while under the influence of alcohol.

The scam artists are using various means to gain clicks from curious Dunn fans, asking users to take surveys to view videos and access other information, the most prevalent clickjacking scheme is a request to view a video of Ryan Dunn’s very last words which requires users to verify their age or other personal information.

Once a user accepts the terms of the clickjacker additional information is then automatically placed on their Facebook page which makes the source look like a “trusted” link from a friend.

Sophos describes how the most popular Ryan Dunn scam has been working:

Clicking on such links, however, is playing directly into the scammers’ hands. A bogus Facebook page appears, and you are tricked into “Sharing” the page with your Facebook friends in the belief that you are really passing an age verification process.

Once you’ve helped the scammers spread their promotion across Facebook, you are tricked into taking an online survey which earns commission for whoever is the mastermind of the scam operation.

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If you’re a fan of Ryan Dunn, it seems to me that the very last thing you should be doing is helping someone who is exploiting the TV star’s death make money.

In reality there is no video of Ryan Dunn’s last words.


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