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Facebook: Shortened Status Tags Now Displaying

Facebook: Shortened Status Tags Now Displaying

Facebook Status Upgrade

It’s only a small upgrade but one we welcome with open arms, on Thursday afternoon Facebook rolled out an update which shortens Facebook Status Tags.

If you’re unfamiliar with tags, they occur when a user would input the “@” symbol followed by a friends name, however users are no longer required to use the “@” symbol and can instead type a users name which will then display all possible matches below the status update bar.

Once typed a user can then use the backspace key to delete the users last and if available middle names as they deem necessary.

By using this feature your friends profile will show your status update on their wall, just as it has in the past, however their full name will not be displayed if you used the backspace feature to delete any part of their name.

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What do you think about this simple Facebook upgrade? [via AllFacebook]



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