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Facebook Smartphone Coming In 2013 [Report]

Facebook Smartphone Coming In 2013 [Report]

Facebook SmartphoneFacebook hasn’t had the best luck with mobile advertising attempts and now it appears the company may be hedging its mobile bets on a new Facebook smartphone that could be released by early 2013.

According to a recent report the smartphone would be Facebook’s third attempt at creating a viable consumer smartphone that deeply integrates the social networks platform.

Rumors about a Facebook smartphone began in 2010 but those sources soon revealed that “development complications” led Facebook to abandon the project. Eventually AllThingsD reported that HTC and Facebook were working on a Facebook integrated smartphone with the code name “Buffy” which may still be in the development stages. 

In the meantime its believed that Facebook has been hiring engineers to specifically work on the Facebook phone, hiring more than half a dozen former Apple software and hardware engineers.

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Would you be willing to give the Facebook Smartphone a chance? What features would a Facebook phone need to have in order to be beneficial for your own needs?


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