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Facebook Struggles To Find A Streaming Video Voice And Audience

Facebook Struggles To Find A Streaming Video Voice And Audience

Facebook Video Views

Despite the second most number of unique viewers for their videos section in October 2011 failed once again to turn their site visitors into longtime viewers of videos posted by Friends and advertisers.

The comScore Video Metrix shown above shows that while was able to surpass VEVO for the first time in terms of total unique viewers, they fell far short of the groups all important ‘Minutes per Viewer.’

Putting those numbers in comparison, Facebook managed 59.815 million unique viewers who watched 346.017 million videos but spent only 18.4 minutes watching those videos.

In comparison VEVO managed a lower unique visitor number at 56.998 million viewers but scored huge with 827.008 million videos with an average per user viewing time of 66 minutes.

At this time it’s hard to tell why Facebook has a lower engagement rank. It could be that viewers are sharing shorter videos, such as funny clips from TV shows, short sketches, etc. which simply take less time to view than a full VEVO music video for example which may last 3-10 minutes depending on the clip.

Another likely scenario is that Facebook shared videos simply don’t appeal to viewers for long periods of time. For example a user may click on a friends video share, realize they don’t like the content and move on, whereas a VEVO user who has searched specifically for content will likely become more engaged. I personally will search VEVO and start playing a music video and then walk away from my computer, which essentially means a song may play for 4 minutes even though I’m not staring at the screen.

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With new content deals currently being ironed out by the Facebook team it will be interesting to see what they do in an attempt to increase video time engagement and sharing.

What would Facebook need to do in order for you to watch more videos directly from the social network?


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