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Facebook Testing Sound Notifications

Facebook Testing Sound Notifications

Facebook PingFacebook wants users to know exactly when they receive a private message, someone writes on their Timeline, etc. For that reason the social network ?is testing new sound notifications.

The new alert sends out a ping sound when someone interacts with your Facebook account, much like the noise your phone sends when a text message is received.

A representative for Facebook tells Mashable:

?We are currently testing a sound with notifications.?It?s only testing with a small percentage of people and it can be controlled from the Account Settings page.?

If you have a very active Facebook profile this option might not be for you, earlier testers have commented on how “annoying” it can be to hear constant pings from high traffic profiles.

If Facebook is smart the social network will allows users tho choose which users they receive notifications from.

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Given Facebook’s attempt to monetize everything these days we can even see a time when advertisers pay to ping their sponsored stories.

Here is a video showcasing the new Facebook notification system:

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