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Facebook Valuation Reaches $87.5 Billion, Check Out Their Meteoric Rise

Facebook Valuation Reaches $87.5 Billion, Check Out Their Meteoric Rise

Mark ZuckerbergPrivate share trading at Facebook has pushed the company’s valuation to $87.5 billion. The company is currently trading private shareholder stock at a price of $32 on SharesPost.

The incredible rise of the Facebook system began in 2008 when an internal valuation sat at $4 billion, by 2009 an investment from Russian firm Digital Sky Technologies took the company to $6.5 billion.

Fast forward to 2010 and the company was quickly valued at $12 billion during the start of the year a number that quickly climbed to $34 billion by year end and then climbed again to $50 billion by the start of 2011.

In the summer of 2011 Facebook was valued at $70 billion with talk of a $100 billion IPO valuation by the end of the year, with $87.5 billion already on the radar it appears that the $100 billion valuation could quickly become a reality.

Here’s a look at Facebook’s meteoric rise in valuation:

Facebook Valuation ChartThe new valuation comes just after Facebook rolled out new features that have angered part of their user base. While many Facebook users feel slighted by the changes to their familiar network it’s nothing new for the company, naysayers constantly claim the “end of days’ for the social network when interface, privacy and other changes occur.

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