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Facebook Won’t Allow Advertisers To Mention Google+ Profiles

Facebook Won’t Allow Advertisers To Mention Google+ Profiles

Google PlusI don’t get Facebook’s advertising policies, I constantly receive crappy ads asking me to lose weight, work from home and perform other mundane tasks that I don’t want or need, yet when someone tries to send me to their Google Plus profile in the form of an advert, a site where even Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has a profile those ads are deleted and the advertiser is banned from the networks promotions system.

That’s the exact scenario that happened to Michael Lee Johnson this week when he created a Facebook ad which asked Facebook users to join him via his Google Plus profile.

Not only did Facebook shut down Michael’s Google Plus ad campaign, they shut down all of his other advertising campaigns on the social network and then banned him from using the advert system all together, even for non-Google Plus ads.

As you may be aware Google Plus has grown faster than many people expected, attracting more than 25 million users in less than one months time while users are now posting more than one billion pieces of content each day, while the Google +1 button receives more than 2.4 billion clicks each day based on Google Plus and other Google users.

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