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Facebook’s New TOS Owns Your Stuff

Facebook’s New TOS Owns Your Stuff

The Consumerist has been reading the new Facebook Terms of of Service and if you’re protective of your stuff, you might want to read up on it. Basically, the deal is that if you upload anything to the social network, they can do whatever they want with it, even if you cancel your account. Head over to The Consumerist for a discussion (also: Techmeme) and some quotes from the various TOS. Worth to keep in mind if you’re a dedicated Facebook user for sure.

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  • That’s fairly common language in terms for various sites such as Facebook. While it gives Facebook some far-reaching and scary possibilities, the basic idea is that things you upload may end up residing on servers outside of Facebook’s direct control. These broad rights make it so that you can’t sue Facebook for some cached content on some other server, but yes, it also means they can sell your photos or use them in advertising with no recompense to you.

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