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Fake David Bowie on Twitter: Get Used to It

Fake David Bowie on Twitter: Get Used to It

Glanced over the music headlines and read some David Bowie spokesperson denying that is the artist. The one tweet has gotten the Twitter account a whopping 2,147 followers:

Cheers from a snowy Berlin! Working on some new material!

One tweet, published on January 5th, and a David Bowie picture and account name was all that was needed to gather that crowd. I’m sure you all see where this could lead in the future, what an excellent way to spam people. Pretend to be someone with fans, get them to follow you, trick them to buy stuff that you endorse. Problem is, the actual person your pretending to be isn’t getting any of the action, nor is she or he actually involved.

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We better get used to the Twitter frauds. The more mainstream the service gets, the more we’ll see.

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