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Federated Media Slashes Rates for the Holiday Season

Federated Media Slashes Rates for the Holiday Season

It seems Federated Media really want to sell their ad stock this holiday season, because they’re slashing their rates to $5 CPM. This according to an email published in whole by Valleywag. Naturally, they take the snarky approach, and although it is a bit uncommon to slash the rates in the busiest period of the year, I wouldn’t say it is such a big deal really. Everyone’s feeling the recession, and it might be a good idea to make sure that you minimize the damage.

That being said, it is also a sure sign that online publishers aren’t immune to the current financial situation. Some try to make it sound like the internet will be hit last, while it really is a case of perhaps not taking the big hit, but at least joining the rest of the ad media in a downward slope at the moment.

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  • Well, if big companies like this slash rates, that in turn means earning less through advertising. The trickle down effect begins and content producers such as myself, you and other bloggers who write for networks are at risk of seeing earnings decline.

    So Thord, when you see news such as this, do you get worried about your rates being slashed as well at some point in the future? Its stuff like this that makes many people stay confined to office jobs where the paycheck is more of a guarantee although if you look at the current state of affairs, even a desk job isn’t a guaranteed paycheck.

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