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Feedburner statistics control panel showing zero subscribers

Feedburner statistics control panel showing zero subscribers

Feedburner appears to be experiencing some problems this morning.

When I logged in to look at my subscriber counts this morning, the control panel showed them all at zero. So did the graphs.

However, the ‘chicklet’ still displayed yesterday’s subscriber levels (I don’t have it on every blog), but that’s not too surprising as it’s not updated in real time.

The feeds still appear to be updating with new content, so existing subscribers should be able to get hold of blog updates as usual. I don’t know if new subscribers are being added.

This looks like a glitch with the admin section. The fact that all sites are zeroed out is actually a little more comforting (to me, at least) than if just one or two had slumped – after all, it’s virtually impossible to lose all your subscribers on all your feeds in one go!

Nothing on the official blog, which is a little disappointing. Hopefully that’s not an indication that the FB staff are blissfully unaware of any problems, though given the time difference, they might be.

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As countless bloggers, both big and small, rely on Feedburner for managing their feed services, hopefully this is a short-lived problem that will be fixed soon.

Update: All back, panic over (what panic?). Seems to happen as soon as I write anything. I should write more!

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  • My stats were showing 0 subscribers earlier today but since then it has gotten back to normal. I originally thought it was because of a server issue I had yesterday but perhaps they are having some problems at Feedburner as well…

  • Hi, sorry for any inconvenience. We had a temporary issue this morning that we were aware of that has since been corrected. You should not be seeing everything normally now.

  • I’ve seen my FB numbers drop radically (of course at weekends) on occasion but then spring back up to higher than their previous level the next day. I haven’t seen 0 yet, that would be worrying, but I’d first assume it was an FB issue especially if my feed were working perfectly normally and nothing had been changed.

    Meanwhile, here’s a little tip (for those who don’t know) on how to display another blog’s subscriber stats.

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