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Feedster launches updated Top 500 list

Feedster launches updated Top 500 list

The Feedster Top 500 list is back, and this time is comes topped with some large dollops of Web 2.0, with Ajax sprinkles and tag clouds to boot.

The excel spreadsheet to allow analysis of the data was removed at the last minute according to Scott Johnson, however an initial look at the list shows that Weblogs Inc., appear to be the big winners, in particular TVSquad taking third place on the list, and DownloadSquad in 5th, after both not making the Top 500 back in August. Weblogs Inc’s Engadget tops the list, followed by Boing Boing.

(via TechCrunch)

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  • Hi there,

    There were some quality problems with the tab delimited output for excel analysis but it was, honestly, more a function of lack of sleep and cogent thinking than anything else. By the time we released the list, trying to get this out before the holidays, I’d been up and working on it for over 48 hours straight and I couldn’t get that last bug fixed. I’ve now had 6 hours sleep and am back at the office finishing it.

    I should have the excel output momentarily.


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