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Feminist Mormon uses blog to spread message

Feminist Mormon uses blog to spread message

Duncan Riley> Yes, its been a slow Easter weekend, so news of a Feminist Mormon who’s spreading the good word that feminism is not just about growing hairy legs and spitting on men but can actually be useful when you’re 1 of 6 or 7 wives struck me as a fine example of the diversity a number of insular A list bloggers state that the blogosphere so desperately lacks.

But before you start flaming me for taking the piss over a religion that runs the state (Utah) that is trying to censors blogs, I say good will to all men, women, and even mormons this easter, and peace be with you!

Rocky Mountain News reports that Lisa Butterworth is the very image of Mormon devotion: She lives in Boise, Idaho, with her husband and their three children younger than 4, faithfully attending church and teaching at Sunday school. But beneath the subservient , religious veneer is a top rating television series in the making, because Lisa has a secret: she writes a blogspot blog called Feminist Mormon Housewives.

None the less Lisa champions the American can-do spirit in a country where new types and strains of religion are seemingly created every 7 seconds: “I was getting really frustrated at church because I couldn’t talk about a lot of things that were bothering me about history, about feminism,” said Butterworth, 30, who started the blog last August with four friends. “I wasn’t interested in bashing the church; I wanted to find something that could be faithful, liberal and feminist. I didn’t find that, so I created it.”

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The blog also preaches tolerance, with this post: “In the last few years, for the first time in my life I have formed close friendships with a couple of non-Mormon women. I was thinking about this yesterday and it gave me flashbacks to my youthful idiocy. Back when being around non-members made me feel uncomfortable and slightly dirty”.

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  • [Pray] is what you eat and to say your [Prayers] is to make a [hail marry] [hail storm] [number one] or a [our father] [they staff] [number two] what is a Word but the name of a person, place or thing and no matter how you brake it up water is water dust is dust so the dust we walk on and the we wash with need only God to make Flesh there is no more that is it [SOUL] the inside underneath or unseen portion of. [SPIRIT] water that carries any other properties. Now that you see what they did to the ward and the word is God and God is this ward [Bacterium] the only thing that can take water and dust and make Flesh just a small [Bacteria] that multiplies 10 times over at 98.6 and when it fall to the water and everything was just right it Fermented and from that Ferment did God put air and in that air so did the mist of Gods spirit rise and come back to the dust and bring Life to everything for his small movement in the dust did make a void and fill it with love and Spirit.posted by Michael

  • I by no means want to flame the author of this post, but I do want to point out that the Mormon church has not practiced polygamy for over 100 years. I am always surprised that people honestly think Mormons have multiple wives. Yes, there are polygamists in Utah, but they are not official members of the church. Maybe your 6 or 7 wives comment was made purely as a joke, in which case you can disregard this message. =)

  • I’m sorry, sometimes I forget that some of what I say needs translation= “taking the piss” means to joke in Australian english.

  • Yeah, I have no “sister-wives” just in case anyone was wondering. Yikes!

    Boring boring housewife. One husband, three kids, nothing to look out here.

    Thanks for the link!

  • It really seems to me that while your article approves of the name “Mormon feminist” and of its movement, there’s nothing particularly impressive about the webpage itself. I mean, I’m sure it’s cathartic, but after the article I was kinda’ expecting something that would allow me to empathize with the trials of others. But reading much of her site, it turned out to be a pallid diatribe, just complaining about how life is tough, and since she’s Mormon, it must be the church’s fault. She’s not a rebel, she’s just tired of doing what she thinks is right. Anyways…

  • Diatribe I can accept, but pallid? NEVER!

    For the life of me, Colin, I can’t see how you got that impresion. I’ve never said any problem in my life is the church’s fault, and frankly, my life isn’t hard, and I’m not tired of doing the right thing. I do the right thing 99.9% of the time. And I rarely even leave caustic random criticims of people based on nothing.

  • Not only they use bloggs to spam. I think it’s a huge problem.
    And anyway church is not guilty in anything.

  • I’ve researched the mormon faith and I find it interesing that (in a positive way) that Mormons no longer practice polygamy, or haven’t for the past hundred years. Wasn’t this one Joseph Smith’s important teachings? And isn’t he the father of the book of Mormon and the Mormon church itself?

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