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Few financial planners blog, those who do find it a useful tool

Few financial planners blog, those who do find it a useful tool

There have been plenty of surveys floating around looking at how blogging may be impacting various business sectors, and one of the latest looks at financial planners.

An ongoing study by Kahuna Content suggests that only a small proportion of US-based financial planners blog – the exact proportion isn’t given – but of those who do blog, four in five say that their blog is either somewhat effective or very effective in reaching the goal they set out for the blog.

Those goals? Half of those who blog say that they hope to establish themselves as an expert in their field as a direct result of their blogging activities. Around three in five said they were committed to to their blogging program, while around nine in ten said they were considering increasing the amount of time they devoted to their blog.

“Although our study of blogging financial planners isn’t quite complete and while these survey findings were taken from a small sample, we find these preliminary results quite interesting. Of course, we are still reserving judgment on what the findings mean,” said Richard Telofski, Principal Consultant at Kahuna Content, “but the fact that such a high percentage of respondents said that their blog was effective in reaching its goal is certainly something that piqued our curiosity.”

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Demographics will be released upon completion of the survey.

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  • Well if encourages you I can say that almost any big company today has its own blog on internet. Just search for some company and you will probably see some blog content related.

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