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First Ladies of the World Embrace Twitter and Other Social Tools, Really?

First Ladies of the World Embrace Twitter and Other Social Tools, Really?

What does French First Lady  Carla Bruni, UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s wife Sarah, Michelle Obama, Queen Rania, wife of Jordan’s Head of State, and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s wife Maria Shriver have in common? They use social media tools and services to communicate and perhaps reach out to their husbands’ constituents.

I really find it amusing to know that the likes of  Sarah Brown, Maria Shriver and Queen Rania are actually active users of Twitter.  And that First Ladies Carla Bruni and Michelle Obama has their respective web sites, with Obama under the White House website.

But I guess nothing could be cooler than Queen Rania who maintains her own YouTube Channel, Facebook and Twitter accounts aside from maintaining her own website.  Her Twitter followers even has almost one million followers while her Facebook accounts has more than 100,000 friends.

During an interview, Queen Rania told CNN that social networks are the best way of connecting with everyone. They are fast, flat and simple tools that anyone with a decent Internet access can do.

“The Internet has made it easier for everyone to communicate with their fans and friends, whether you’re a blossoming blogger or a seasoned politician. For people in my position, it helps demystify the title and clarify what it is I do and what it is that’s important to me,” said the Jordanian Queen.

Speed, ease of use and simple interface are among the reasons that these first ladies cited as reasons why they are engaging in social networking activities and are using social media tools to connect and communicate to anyone.

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I wonder if there are still other first ladies and powerful wifes of statesmen and politician who either Tweet or have a Facebook account? Do you know anyone else?

In case you want to follow these powerful women, here are the links to their various accounts.

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