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Five Sweet New Blogs

Five Sweet New Blogs

We welcome the following newcomers to the blogosphere:

Candy Snob is like the engadget of confectionery treats. From a change to the Swedish Fish recipe to those new dietetic M&Ms (joke!), you’ll learn about everything that’s happening in the world of sweets.

DailyCents, a daily newsletter/blog designed for multi-tasking women, has added Travel Cents and Beauty Cents to their stable of properties. Both blogs are designed to filter through the noise and deliver information ladies want, without having to scour the ends of the Web.

Helmed by BH alum Duncan Riley (with some help from writer Minic Rivera) Inquisitr aims to deliver ‘a daily mix of tech, pop and fun stories from around the world.’ Not sure if that’s specific enough to set them apart, but with some early link love from Michael Arrington, they are off an running.

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Your Blog by Dell, targets personal technology, meaning you might even see a competitor or two make the editorial cut. From laptops to social media, Dell says the blog was inspired by its customers.

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  • FYI: Dailycents is down … badly … I’ve tried 5 times and getting an SQL error. Sounds like a great place … hope it comes up soon.

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