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Flickr Adds Hashtags To iOS App

Flickr Adds Hashtags To iOS App

Flickr HashtagFlickr on Saturday rolled out an update to its iOS app. The new update includes the ability to add hashtags to photo titles and descriptions.

For years Flickr has allowed users to add and search for “Tags” but the industry in general has moved towards the Twitter friendly hashtag setup.

Flickr isn’t the first social network to jump on the hashtag bandwagon, Facebook owned Instagram also offers the tags, as does Pinterest. Facebook is believed to be preparing a hashtags based search function of its own.

Just like other networks users who click on Flickr hashtags are brought to a search page populated with other hashtags of the same type.

Flickr has also announced the ability to enter its weekly photo challenge by tagging worthwhile pictures with the #FlickrFriday tag. 

Yahoo has been seriously ramping up its Flickr platform in the last several months, recently adding photo filter support and the ability to mention usernames with the @username tag.

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Do you think Flickr is too late to the photo sharing game or can its new features that mimic other social networks allow it to more evenly compete?


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