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Flickr Flirts With Windows Phone 7

Flickr Flirts With Windows Phone 7

The boys and girls at Yahoo! have released their second official Flickr app, which courts not only Windows Phone 7 but also tablets sporting Microsoft’s latest OS too.

Back in January, we let you know about some exciting mobile developments we had in store for you, and some of you may have already caught a sneak peak of the newest member of our family here at Flickr. Today, we’re excited to officially introduce Flickr for Windows Phone 7® and Flickr for Windows Phone 7®!

While it’s not surprising to see Yahoo! courting Microsoft’s smartphone (especially after the latter assimilated Yahoo! search in August of 2010), their creation of a Flickr app for Windows 7 tablets is puzzling (since they are already running the full OS).

Yahoo! has not indicated on whether they will consider embracing other platforms (like Android, webOS or even Blackberry), although the company may consider releasing official apps in order to help expand their global influence.

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Flickr’s embrace of Windows Phone 7 should come as a healthy sign that Yahoo! is committed to keeping their photo social networking service alive (as opposed to “sun setting” it like they are doing with MyBlogLog and Delicious).

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