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Fliqz tool allows Movable Type 4 video posting a snap

Fliqz tool allows Movable Type 4 video posting a snap

Fliqz today introduced the first video plugin to be available on the Movable Type 4 publishing platform.

Combining the Movable Type 4 platform for building robust blogs and social media sites, with Fliqz’ easy to use unique video plugin makes video uploading a snap. Rather than waste precious time uploading a video from a third party site, only to have to return and embed the code into their blog post; Movable Type 4 users can use the Fliqz video upload tool. After the initial installation, Movable Type 4 users click the “Fliqz Video Browse” button within the “Create Entry” toolbar to select their video, and within a few moments their video is placed directly into the HTML of their post.

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