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Follow him @OHHDL

Follow him @OHHDL

Update: It’s a hoax. Twitter confirmed that the account violated Twitter’s Terms of Use on Impersonation.

Okay, will the real Dalai Lama please create his real Twitter account.

dalailamaRecognizing the importance of 140-characters, The Office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama has officially joined Twitter yesterday, February 8.

You can join the 20,000 followers at @OHHDL. So, I followed him. Let’s see if he would reciprocate and follow me too. It would be cool telling others that THE Dalai Lama is following my boring and nonsense Twitter updates.

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With an estimated six million users all over the world, Twitter is a must messaging platform that should be used to get your point across– just like what we’re all doing.

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