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FoodPress By WordPress (An Automattic Treat)

FoodPress By WordPress (An Automattic Treat)

Automattic (the company behind WordPress) has launched their first “portal” which caters to the thousands (if not millions) of WordPress food bloggers online.

Today we’re thrilled to announce FoodPress, the go-to destination for the hottest dishes from bloggers. To help us run the site, we’ve partnered with publishing company Federated Media. Each day, FoodPress features snippets of posts, which is designed to get new people to discover and then click through to a blog. (Official WordPress Blog)

Instead of using an advanced algorithm to curate food related articles upon, Automattic has hired Jane Maynard to highlight posts from bloggers about recipes, food and experiences with food (which might make a few restaurants nervous).

Currently only bloggers will be highlighted by FoodPress, which means that food bloggers sporting WordPress upon their own servers will not be able to have their articles featured upon the site.

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Hopefully FoodPress will consider opening up to self hosting fans in the future, as there are plenty of excellent WordPress food bloggers online who live outside of Automattic’s walls.

While it’s not surprising to see Automattic jumping into the food blogosphere (as it’s potentially lucrative as people are always searching for recipes), time will reveal whether the companies partnership with Federated Media will pay off in the end.

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